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Online Ausstellungen des Fashion History Museums, Cambridge, Ontario

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THE HOUSE OF DIOR: 1947 - 1962 >




Fashion History Museum
74 Queen Street East
Cambridge, Ontario

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The Costume Collection at Tullie House Bild 1

The Costume Collection at Tullie House

Carlisle (GB) > Dauerausstellung

The Costume Collection at Tullie House boasts two stunning new galleries dedicated to the display of the Museum’s amazing fashion and textile collection. The galleries feature over forty outfits and accessories that tell the stories of some of the women who have lived, loved and worked in Carlisle over the past 350 years – from the infamous Carlisle ‘miser’ Margery Jackson to lesser known stories of Land Army girls, factory workers, nurses, radicals, homemakers and artists. The outfits range from the rare and beautiful to the practical and familiar but each one gives us an insight into the life and identity of the person they belonged to.
These brand-new galleries shine a light on hidden stories and identities. They celebrate the extraordinary – rare outfits, intricate and beautiful dresses marking special moments in time – and the ‘ordinary’ – practical outfits worn by working women over the centuries. The galleries also include an innovative digital art installation inspired by the history of Carlisle as a ‘textile city’ and feature the voices of some of the Museum’s visitors and community partners. Through beautiful architectural design and innovative displays, these stunning new galleries will provide a brand-new visitor experience. The Costume Collection at Tullie House will be one of the largest dedicated costume galleries in the North of England, celebrating a remarkable and rarely-seen fashion collection that features items of national significance.

Textquelle: Museumswebsite
Bildquelle: Museumswebsite

Veranstalter/ Ort
Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery
Castle Street,
Cumbria, CA3 8TP

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The Beautiful Collection: Prince's Custom Shoes Bild 1

The Beautiful Collection: Prince's Custom Shoes

Minnesota (USA) > ab. 07.09.2021

Experience the sensational shoes of the Purple One himself.
Vibrant colors. Intricate designs. Edgy elegance. Like everything else Prince touched, his custom shoes are expertly crafted and visionary works of art. Come see over 300 pairs, from his iconic 4-inch boots to his suede light-up roller skates, and marvel at how Prince’s bold style continues to impact fashion to this day.

Text- und Bildquelle: Paisley Park

Veranstalter/ Ort
Paisley Park
7801 Audubon Road
Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317

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The Roaring Twenties and The Swinging Sixties Bild 1

The Roaring Twenties and The Swinging Sixties

Online > ab 15.03.2021

The Fashion Institute of Technology's School of Graduate Studies and The Museum at FIT (MFIT) present The Roaring Twenties and The Swinging Sixties, a virtual exhibition comparing the fashions of the twenties and sixties, both periods of significant crisis and change. Organized by students of FIT’s Master of Arts program, Fashion and Textile Studies: History, Theory, and Museum Practice, the show features twenty-six objects from the permanent collection of MFIT and fashion illustrations from FIT’s Gladys Marcus Library Special Collections and College Archives (SPARC). It is supplemented with archival photographs that further demonstrate the parallels between the fashion of the two decades. The process of creating an exhibition is a unique experience and a key feature of the Fashion and Textiles Studies graduate program at FIT. For the first time, this student-led project is presented solely online, with the class working together remotely.
The Twenties and the Sixties each brought about new ideas of the “modern woman” which impacted fashion in remarkably similar ways. These similarities are explored through six thematic sections: Twenties Nostalgia; Dreams and Discontent; Obsession with Youth; Music Mania; Cultural Appropriation; and Mode and Modernity. The shared spirit of the times, whether in art, music, technology, social movements and upheaval, or cultural inspiration, is highlighted by paired objects with discernible visual similarities.

Textquelle: Museumswebsite
Bildquelle: Museumswebsite

Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology
227 West 27th Street
New York City 10001-5992

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British – ever so Nordic Bild 1

British – ever so Nordic

Stockholm (S) > 05.02.2019 until further notice

Nordiska Museet in Stockholm shows how Nordic fashion, clothes styles and lifestyle are influenced by Britain’s creative industry. The narrative runs from the Middle Ages to the present day, illustrated through fabrics, patterns, clothes and phenomena that have been shaped into a part of everyday life in Scandinavia. British: Ever So Nordic.
Cardigan, jumper and trench coat. Tartans and Doc Martens boots. Flowery wallpaper, pajamas and a cup of tea. Football, tennis and a stroll in the woods wearing wellingtons. These are such commonplace elements of our everyday life that we may not reflect on where they come from. With Brexit around the corner, Nordiska museet in Stockholm shows how centuries of trade relations with Britain have affected Nordic fashions and lifestyle. There are numerous points of contact between Sweden and Britain, and in many ways there is a shared outlook.

Textquelle: Museumswebsite
Bildquelle: Museumswebsite

Veranstalter/ Ort
Nordiska Museet
6 Djurgårdsvägen

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Online Ausstellungen Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin Bild 1

Online Ausstellungen Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

Google Arts & Culture

Uli Richter Revisited: Fashion Hot Spot Berlin >
Entdecken Sie den wegweisenden Stil „made in Berlin“ von einem der wichtigsten Designer der Nachkriegszeit und lassen Sie sich von neun zeitgenössischen Berliner Designern inspirieren, die dessen zeitlose Modernität in ihre eigene Formensprache übersetzt haben.

Uli Richter Revisited: Meet the Designers >
Entdecken Sie die Arbeiten von drei Berliner Designern, die Uli Richters Stil „made in Berlin“ in ihre eigene Formensprache übersetzt haben.

Der letzte Schrei: Damenmode aus dem 18. und 19. Jahrhundert >
Lassen Sie sich vom Stil des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts durch die Sammlung historischer Mode des Kunstgewerbemuseums Berlin inspirieren.

12 herausragende Kreationen von Balenciaga >
12 Designs - von Tageskleidung bis zu glamourösen Abendkleidern - des bedeutendsten Designers des 20. Jahrhunderts im Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin.

Designikonen: Mode und Stil des 20. Jahrhunderts >
Erkunden Sie die Highlights der Mode des 20. Jahrhunderts im Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin.

Der Elegant: Herrenmode des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts >
Entdecken Sie die elegante Kleidung des Gentleman im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert durch die Sammlung historischer Mode des Kunstgewerbemuseums Berlin.

Geliebte Luise >
Entdecken Sie die Mode in Preußen um 1800 und lassen Sie sich vom Stil einer Königin inspirieren.

Hinter den Kulissen: Mode im Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin >
Blicken Sie Restauratoren und Kuratoren bei ihrer Arbeit über die Schulter und entdecken Sie das Modedepot im Kunstgewerbemuseum.

Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin / Google Arts & Culture

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Code & Kleidung Bild 1

Code & Kleidung

Online Ausstellung

Entdecke die bunte Vielfalt Europas durch die Sammlung des Museums Europäischer Kulturen. Wenn Menschen sich zu Gruppen vereinen, grenzen sie sich automatisch von jenen ab, die nicht dazugehören. Sie haben gemeinsame Ziele und Interessen. Oft entwickeln sie eine Identität, die sie auch sichtbar machen möchten – für sich selbst und für andere. Nicht selten geschieht dies über uniforme Kleidung, mit der sie ihre Beweggründe zur Gruppenzugehörigkeit ausdrücken: von Fußballtrikots über Hipsterkleidung bis hin zu Trachten, die immer auch einer Mode unterliegen.

Museum Europäischer Kulturen, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin/ Google Arts & Culture

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Online Ausstellungen Kunstbibliothek Berlin Bild 1

Online Ausstellungen Kunstbibliothek Berlin

Google Arts & Culture

Claudia Skoda – Dressed to Thrill >

Berliner Modefotografie in den 1930er Jahren >
Entdecken Sie die Bildwelten der Modefotografie der Dreißiger Jahre durch die Sammlung der Kunstbibliothek.

Die Kunstbibliothek und ihre Lipperheidesche Kostümbibliothek >

Kunst für die Straße: Plakate im Jugendstil >
Ein besonderes Highlight der Kunstbibliothek bildet die Plakatkunst des Jugendstils, deren Meisterwerke hier präsentiert werden.

ABC des Reisens >

Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin/ Google Arts & Culture

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Of Gods and Glamour: The Mary and Michael Jaharis Galleries ... Bild 1

Of Gods and Glamour: The Mary and Michael Jaharis Galleries of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Art

Chicago (USA) > Dauerausstellung

The recently refreshed Of Gods and Glamour installation in the Mary and Michael Jaharis Galleries of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Art allows visitors to come face-to-face with rulers, gods, and everyday people from the ancient Mediterranean world in two dynamic new installations showcasing long-term loans and works from the museum’s collection.
Dyes, hot irons, and gels were just as common in the ancient Roman world as they are today. Well-to-do women had servants who would painstakingly style their hair every day into elaborate confections of braids, buns, and curls that kept pace with the ever-changing demands of fashion. The elaborate coiffures of stylish Roman women are one of the subjects of Fashion and Antiquity, a series of text panels throughout the Mary and Michael Jaharis Galleries of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Art that focus on fabrics, hairstyles, and adornment in the classical era. Fashion and Antiquity is part of a larger museum-wide focus on fashion in conjunction with the exhibition Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity.
Recently, scholar Janet Stephens, a professional hairstylist and experimental archaeologist, rediscovered important tools in the ancient stylist’s kit that had been forgotten over the centuries — a simple needle and thread. Without recourse to elastic hair bands and hairspray, experts had assumed that the Romans’ gravity-defying hairdos were only possible with wigs. Though such hairpieces have been found in archeological contexts, Stephens, through careful analysis of archival texts and lots of hands-on trial and error, realized that Roman women were able achieve the complicated styles by simply having the hair sewn into place.

Watch this video > to see Stephens recreate the hairstyles of Faustina the Younger.

Textquelle: Museumswebsite
Bildquelle: Museumswebsite

Veranstalter/ Ort
Art Institute Chicago
111 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60603

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Cecil Beaton's Bright Young Things Bild 1

Cecil Beaton's Bright Young Things

Online >

Our Spring 2020 exhibition explored the extravagant world of the glamorous and stylish ‘Bright Young Things’ of the twenties and thirties, seen through the eye of renowned British photographer Cecil Beaton.  It brought to life a deliriously eccentric, glamorous and creative era of British cultural life, combining High Society and the avant-garde, artists and writers, socialites and partygoers.
Featuring the leading cast of the ‘Bright Young Things’, many of whom Beaton would call friends – Anna May Wong, Oliver Messel and Stephen Tennant among others, this show charted Beaton’s transformation from middle-class suburban schoolboy to glittering society figure and the unrivalled star of Vogue.
This exhibition ran from the 12 March 2020 until the Gallery’s Covid-19 related closure on 17 March.

Access Guide >

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National Portrait Gallery

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