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EFHA International Symposium 2021: CRAFTING HERITAGE

Online/ Florenz (I) > 10.12.2021

The EFHA International Symposium 2021 will focus on the relationship between craftsmanship and heritage.

Crafting Heritage will present experiences in researching and establishing methodologies to preserve fashion objects and the knowledge they bear in their materiality; special collaborative projects related to the collection and study of tangible and intangible heritage; craft as “language” of activism, updating - through digital technologies - past making processes.
The symposium is developed in collaboration with DIDA - Università degli Studi Firenze and Museo del Tessuto di Prato.

Stay tuned - More information to follow soon!

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Veranstalter/ Ort
European Fashion
Heritage Association
Via di Brozzi 274,
50145 Florenz


Fashion Territories?

Lille (F) > 17.03. - 18.03.2022
Deadline CFP: 05.11.2021

For centuries, the territories bordering the Pas de Calais have been one of the high places of European textile production. From at least the 12th century until the deindustrialization in the second half of the 20th century, the countryside and towns of Northern France and Belgium lived to the rhythm of spinning and weaving, in close liaison with their commercial partners across the Channel. This very long history has forged a lasting image, that of an area bustling with the factories of the industrial era—like Roubaix, "the city of a thousand chimneys". It would hardly occur to most to associate these territories with the more glamorous and glittering term “fashion,” with the possible exception of the splendor of the 15th century Burgundian court, and of Antwerp since it exploited the fame of the "Antwerp Six" in the late 1980s. The international seduction exerted by brilliant neighbors, Paris and London, has left these other territories in the shade (Steele; Breward and Gilbert; Menkes; Xavier Jimino Martinez). But weren't these textile territories also, by nature, fashion territories?

Lille University

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